Review: Samsung NX1, Best Mirrorless Camera?

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by derkrieger3, 3 years ago
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The Samsung NX1 Mirrorless Camera capable of 28MP still images and 4K video files offers several Best in class features. In this review I share share the pros, cons and compare the NX1 vs the 7D Mark II and GH4. Is this the right camera for you?

0:45 NX1 Pros
6:05 NX1 Cons
8:30 Limited Lens Selection
10:24 Thoughts on the Fotodiox EF to NX Adapter
12:16 NX1 Versus the 7D Mark II
15:01 FPS and Buffer Size vs 7D Mark II
19:36 NX1 Versus the GH4
24:00 NX1 vs the NX500 (NX1 Mini?)

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