How to use the Sony RX100 Mk III Wifi Connection

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by Amine, 3 years ago
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In my recent review of the Sony RX100 Mk III, I skipped over the Wifi connectivity. Sony has been putting this into cameras for a while now and my early experiences with built in Wifi were frustrating to say the least so I stopped even trying to use it.

However - I decided to give it another shot recently. Sony have come a long way with wifi transfer of images. Its not perfect (and won't be until mobile devices support RAW), but for a number of things its actually quite useful.

To get this to work you will need to download the free Sony Play Memories app. Its available for both Apple and Android devices.

This video explains how to connect the camera to your phone. This works smoothly on all my Sony cameras including the RX100 mark iii, the Sony a5100 and the Sony A7s. It works on other recent Sony models as well.

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