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Unboxing & Review Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Z3795 8.3" Windows Tablet

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Lenovo’s ThinkPad 8 is a fantastic tablet, but it’s let down by its operating system, Windows 8.1, which lags behind the competition.


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Highs :

  • 1080p screen
  • 8-inch size is comfortable to hold
  • Good battery life for Windows
  • MicroSD slot for expanded memory
  • Universal USB charging

  More Highs :

  The tablet has plenty of connectivity

The manufacturer has crammed exceptional arrays of connectivity which includes the USB, combo audio jack, Mini HDMI and MicroSD slot.in addition there are also tablet accompaniments such as front facing camera, microphone and exotic hardware such as the SIM card slot and the dock connector, all these options are basically hidden underneath the removable plastic flaps.

  The tablet has very long battery life

Its bucks of a Windows tablet by having an impressive seven hour and fifty minute in peacemaker battery benchmark. Wattmeter reads the battery consumption as 6 W when idle and 13 W at its full load.

  The tablet is thin and light, installed with many accessories.

This means that the tablet is portable and the user can carry it anywhere

  The device has great hardware design

Lenovo puts a considerable measure of consideration into its ThinkPad line, and the ThinkPad 8 is no special case. Encased in the common dark shell, it's just 8.8mm thick and weighs simply under a pound. The edging is made of plastic, yet the back of the tablet is metal with an unobtrusive sparkly paint work. A red ring encompasses the back camera, which is on the upper left half of the tablet when held in representation, or vertically. The outline has a premium look and feel to it, as a large portion of Lenovo's ThinkPad line.

More Lows :

  It has a so-so screen quality

When Objective display testing is done it is found that the screen is acceptable but is not excellent. The tablet’s display is glossy thus meaning the reflections are an issue .this is though overcome by the high maximum output (383 lux). Reflections are the issue in the direct sunlight.

  Atom processor which offers limited performance

The users will battle with the Atom processor which does not have task of handling the 8 MP photos in the real time. There is also some delay in sending them to camera roll and even some of photos looks to mysteriously disappear during the process.

  The tablet has a disappointing rear facing camera

The camera is 8 megapixel, the picture quality is good but I dim environment the sensor becomes overwhelmed and thus there is noise.

  This device has no stylus

Lenovo has incorporated a stylus in its previous ThinkPad tablets, however it's inquisitively not available for the Pad 8, however, it would have truly helped to utilize Windows on this such a little screen. It is speculated that Lenovo disposed of it because of due to underuse and difficulty to cram the entire tablet into an 8-inch size.

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