Acer TravelMate TMP645-MG-9419 Ultrabook

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Amazing Security features.
It supports Intel vPro, TPM 1.2, face recognition, and comes with a fingerprint reader located between the mouse buttons. 

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Release Information

 Release price  : $1,300.99
Release date : 10/2013



Operating System : Windows 10


Graphics Type : Discrete
GPU Brand :  AMD
GPU Model : Radeon 8750M
Dedicated VRAM Size :  2 GB

 Highs :

Amazing Security features.
It supports Intel vPro, TPM 1.2, face recognition, and comes with a fingerprint reader located between the mouse buttons. Acer ProShield allows the user to secure the Ultrabook from unwanted access from BIOS level on up to application level.

 Sleek and lightweight design.
It has a carbon fiber/magnesium-aluminum chassis which provides a unique feel and sense of reliability.The chassis, though light and minimal in appearance, creates a great sense of reliability and solid construction, It shows the true beauty of the TravelMate P645.
Amazing performance with Fast Core i7 processor.
It utilizes two graphics cards. The HD 4400 integrated into the i7-4500U is used for task requiring low performance like browsing or word processing, but when 3D power is required, the switchable graphics activates the dedicated middle-class Radeon HD 8750M instead

 Long-lasting battery life.
The battery is amazing running up to 8 hours. It runs amazingly well given its size and without an extended battery, which adds bulk and weight, and the latter figure is a new record among systems lacking an optional extended-life battery. You could use the P645 every minute of an eight-hour workday and it will not disappoint.

 Lows :

 Keyboard feedback limited .

It is not nearly as refined as the high-quality keyboards offered on many ThinkPads, Latitudes, or EliteBooks. Despite the quality of this TravelMate suggesting that it is a serious business Ultrabook, the keyboard falls short. Apart from the layout, which is spacious and offers large keys, the rest of the keyboard features are not worthy recommending it. Key travel is short and bottoms out vaguely, which provides little confidence for touch-typists, and the flat, square key caps don’t provide much tactile feel.Back-lighting is standard, but there are no adjustable brightness settings given that the default settings are too bright to be able to use comfortably in a dark environment. More light escapes around some keys than from others and this doesn’t give it a good ranking as compared to keyboards of a Lenovo ThinkPad or MacBook Pro.
Has no removable battery.despite the battery being amazing,the fact that it is not removable gives a significant doubt of confidence on its sure reliability.

The solid structure, low weight, excellent battery life and compact dimensions, the TravelMate P645 is an Ultrabook geared toward the traveling professional. Excellent video card graphics and screen quality, mixed with a rich sound provide a thrilling entertainment platform. The dual Core i7 processor in the TravelMate P645 with a large Smart Cache, an SSD, and dual core processing provides a high performance data crunching machine which will keep any professional on the leading edge of performance. With a dedicated AMD Radeon GPU video card and the Intel Core i7 processor on board, the TravelMate P645 is a high-end contender at a lower MSRP than its competitors. All of these qualities build what might be one of the finest Ultrabooks available on the market today.

Acer Travelmate P645 Review

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