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Why Is Everyone Talking About samsung galaxy camera 2

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Samsung is not one to shy away from trying something new (remember the Dual View cameras?), and more recently they've been blurring the lines between Android smartphones and traditional digital cameras.

 Only one of the company's four products was actually a phone: the Galaxy S4 Zoom. The Galaxy NX and original Galaxy Camera offered 3G and 4G connectivity, but you couldn't make a call on them (unless Skype counts). Samsung's latest model is the Galaxy Camera 2, which goes Wi-Fi only but is otherwise a nice upgrade to its predecessor.

The benefits of having an Android-based camera are pretty clear: you can take photos with the built-in or third-party apps and get them on their way to any social media/photo sharing site within seconds. As hinted at about, there is a catch, which is that since the GC2 lacks 3G and 4G connectivity, you'll need to be near a hotspot in order to actually share your photos and videos.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 – Design and Features

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Most people think of Android as a system found on phones and tablets – and it is, for the most part. However, it can work on other things to, such as the Galaxy Camera 2.

It’s a camera that benefits from all the photo-sharing power of Android apps, just like the first Samsung Galaxy Camera model. However, the Galaxy Camera 2 will only be available as a Wi-Fi only model – where the first offered a 3G model too.

Half of what’s new is to do with design. Elements of the camera have been redesigned and made more attractive. It’s not dramatically different in size. Like Samsung’s phones and tablets, if a part of the Galaxy Camera 2 looks like a certain material, it probably isn’t actually made of it.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 side

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