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Olympus EM5 Mark II : the camera that warps time

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Olympus's EM5 Mark II is, like its predecessor, a small, attractive and usable 16MP camera. In fact, at first glance it looks relatively unchanged. The most obvious additions are its more advanced movie capabilities and a clever multi-shot 40MP mode, but you have to look a bit more closely to see how much work Olympus has put into this new model.

How do you follow up a classic? A little more time is going to have to pass before the E-M5 can truly wear that mantle but I have little doubt that that's the question Olympus's engineers and product planners have been asking themselves. And, it must be said, it's quite a challenge. Technology has moved forward since the first OM-D was launched but simply bringing the camera up-to-date risks feeling like a let down.

Sure enough, the E-M5 II doesn't feel like as big a step forward as its predecessor was. But how could it be? Cameras such as the Sony's a6000 and a7, and Samsung's NX1 have raised the expected level of capability so far that it would be hard for any new model to represent as much of a breakthrough. Nonetheless, Olympus has probably done as much as it can to move things forward.

Close examination of the camera shows that almost every aspect of its design has been tweaked, refined and polished. Without access to a higher pixel-count sensor, it's not obvious what else Olympus could have added to the Mark II.

Olympus EM5 Mark II Design and Manual Control :

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Next to the FujiFilm X-T1, the Olympus E-M5 Mark II and its predecessor are some of the most charming retro-style cameras around. Its inspirations are the 35mm DSLRs of another era, back when they weren’t all made of serious-looking black plastic or alloys.

olympus em5 mark ii top

The black-on-silver, (faux) leather-on-metal is nostalgic design, but one that still absolutely works today. For a slightly more modern look, the Olympus E-M5 Mark II is also available in all-black. It has a retro scent, but a slightly less pungent one.

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